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What is MPS

Managed Print Services

With MPS (Managed Print Services), your company is outsourcing the management of all printing needs to a specialized provider. Atlas takes care of all aspects related to printing, such as providing, maintaining, repairing and replacing printers, supplying ink and toner cartridges, monitoring print volumes, and optimizing print-related expenses. Atlas ensure that your printers are running smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

MPS aims to streamline your printing infrastructure, reduce unnecessary printing, and improve document security. Atlas is also able to offer additional features like print tracking, user authentication and document workflow optimization.

By utilizing MPS, your businesses can focus on your core activities, leaving the complexities of printing management to the experts. It helps control printing costs, enhance productivity and minimize the environmental impact associated with excessive printing.

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Save money and easily streamline for your company’s growth

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Zero initial investment

No initial investment by renting printing equipment without locking in capital
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Our consultants assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your business
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Cost savings

Reduce printing expenses by using printers more wisely and getting rid of unnecessary printing. It also helps consolidate printers, so you don't need as many
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Improved efficiency

Make printing tasks easier, like ordering supplies and handling maintenance. This lets employees concentrate on important work, making them more productive
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Enhanced security

MPS protects sensitive information by using features like user authentication and secure printing. It keeps your printed documents safe from unauthorized access
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Proactive maintenance

MPS providers monitor printers remotely and fix problems before they cause disruptions. Regular maintenance ensures that printers work well and don't cause delays
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MPS encourages environmentally friendly practices by reducing paper waste, optimizing print settings, and recycling used cartridges and equipment. It helps businesses be more eco-friendly
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Scalability and flexibility

MPS can be adjusted to fit the needs of any business, whether big or small. As your business grows or changes, MPS can adapt to your printing needs.

MPS Solutions

We use Papercut and MyQ and leverage these platforms to efficiently manage your printing needs, drive improvements, and optimize your document workflows.
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Cloud Printing

Implementing cloud printing solutions allows users to print documents from any location and any device with internet connectivity. It enables flexibility and eliminates the need for specific hardware or software installations. Users can securely access and print documents stored in the cloud, improving accessibility and convenience.
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Mobile Printing

This enable users to print documents directly from their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. By installing dedicated mobile printing applications or leveraging existing mobile printing capabilities, users can conveniently send print jobs to networked printers and retrieve their printed documents when needed
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Document Workflow Automation

Document workflow automation solutions streamline and optimize document-related processes within an organization. These solutions often involve integrating document management systems, enabling features such as automated routing, digital approvals, version control, and collaboration tools. By automating document workflows, organizations can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance productivity
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Print policies

Implementing print policies allows organizations to set rules and restrictions on print usage. This can include enforcing duplex (double-sided) printing, color printing restrictions, or print quotas. Print policy enforcement helps organizations reduce costs, promote responsible printing practices, and optimize resource utilization
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Secure Print Release

Secure print release solutions enhance document security by requiring users to authenticate themselves at the printer before their print jobs are released. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive information left unattended in the output trays. Secure print release solutions help organizations comply with data protection regulations and maintain document confidentiality
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Print Fleet Management

Print fleet management solutions involve proactive monitoring and management of an organization's print infrastructure. This includes real-time device monitoring, automatic supply replenishment, remote troubleshooting, and maintenance scheduling. Print fleet management ensures optimal performance, minimizes downtime, and reduces administrative overhead
cost tracking Atlas Corporation

Cost Tracking and Reporting

Implementing cost tracking and reporting solutions allows organizations to monitor and analyze print-related expenses. This enables better cost allocation, budget planning, and identifying opportunities for cost reduction. Detailed reports and analytics provide insights into print volumes, cost per page, and other relevant metrics
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Permanent support

Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities, and we're committed to delivering a solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Throughout the duration of the contract with us, you will benefit from permanent support, both from the technical team and from the consultant who manages your account, taking care to adapt the solution perfectly in line with your needs.


Tailored Packages for Your Company

Standard Package

Cost per page pricing model*

Includes the equipment, monitoring, maintenance, and toner replacement.

It ensures the smooth operation of your printing infrastructure while reducing downtime. 

Advanced Package

Cost per page pricing model*

In addition to the basic features, this package may include additional services like helpdesk support, software integration, print security, and workflow optimization. 

It provides more comprehensive support and efficiency improvements

Customized Packages

Cost per page pricing model*

Atlas offer customizable packages tailored to specific client needs.

These packages may include features such as document management solutions, cloud printing, mobile printing, and advanced analytics.

Service Package

This model includes interventions, monitoring and technical support included for printers. 

*The cost per page pricing model charges cost for each printed page, typically based on the type of document (black and white or color) and the size (A4, A3, etc.). The price/page is different for each equipment 

**All the consumables, parts, interventions and whatever is necessary for the use of the printer except paper is included.

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Discuss in detail with a specialist about your requirements, the needs of your company, but also about the types of processes you have.
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We Craft Tailored Solutions
After a careful analysis, we will present you with the best optimization and efficiency solution for the entire technological flow of the company.
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We Help You Implement
We proceed to the configuration of the systems and the preparation of the equipment necessary for the working procedures.
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